In 2013 I was asked and hired by guys from the Surf Office located in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria to design a new logo for them. To boost my inspiration I decided to pay them a visit. So I changed my home office for this amazing place where I spent the best 16 days of creativity and surfing so far.

Surf Office is basically a co-working and co-living space for freelancers or digital nomads with a the opportunity to surf, work and travel with great weather all year round.

I've had almost free hands in this project. The main idea was to incorporate there some of the key attributes of Surf Office, which are represented by the location, freelancing and surfing. The solution was a surfer / freelancer riding wifi-waves symbol with the silhouette of Gran Canaria hills above. It was made in a simple badge or emblem style. 


Sketches and process behind the logo

Here are some of my photos I did on Gran Canaria